Spiral Orb

There are presently no open calls for submissions.

A spiral orb is the type of web that spiders from the family of Araneidae weave. 

Spiral Orb is also the title of a web poetry journal edited by Eric Magrane.

How  systems (a poem-system, an eco-system, a human-construct-system like a  state or a country, a solar-system, a web-system, a circulatory system,  etc.) organize themselves (and are organized) is of great interest. This  systems focus may be considered a permaculture poetics. The lyric  cross-pollinates the experimental.

Sections (words, phrases, lines) of each poem published in Spiral Orb are embedded with hyperlinks to other poems in Spiral Orb.  A composite poem including a fragment from each piece in Spiral Orb serves as the entry piece and table of contents. Hence, Spiral Orb  is an experiment in juxtaposition, interrelationships, and  intertextuality. Each poem stands on its own, but is also illuminated by  its links. Anticipate the poems making contact with one another in an  odd and perfect manner.

There are currently no open calls for submissions.